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Make your own paperweight

Introduction to Hot Glass

2 persons 1hr 30 Min.
4 persons 2 hrs 30 min.


Make your own paperweight keepsake in this fun and challenging class. Be aware that you will sweat and work closely to the molten glass so it requires quite a bit of nerve. You will learn how to handle the steel rod, pick up your color and reheat the glass. Then you will manipulate your color selection into a unique design while the glass is hot and moving. Once the design is finished we will gather clear glass over the motif and you will shape the glass to its final form. Each participant will work at the bench approximately 20 minutes. Your piece will be ready to pick up 24-48 hours after the course depending on our annealing cycle. Sunglasses and shoes that cover your toes are required. Ages 10 and up.