Horizon Glassworks is that place that has its own identity built up by those great individual characters, yet it is and will continue to be more… a place of community and sharing.
Ron Seivertson March 7th, 2014

Our Work

Here at Horizon Glassworks over the past decade we have produced a wide variety of glass works for others; from simple drinking glasses to monumental sculptural installations. Our clientele includes but is not limited to; hotels, spas, architects, designers, restaurants, villas, mansions,yachts, private collectors, galleries, corporations, wholesalers, and more. To Date, we have also created some of the most extraordinary and unprecedented fine art glass works in the world, many of which have been collected world wide, while others are on display for sale at our gallery in Ubud, Bali. Click here to view our Portfolio with some of the glass we have made through the years.
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Download Horizon Newsletter